We convert your paper into meaningful data



We can effortlessly, and precisely, transform your online or offline information into beneficial data.
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  • Producing new databases for your organisation, based upon your input methods
  • Data cleansing to ensure currently held data is clean and free of duplicates
  • Data entry conversion for hand written documents and forms
  • Data entry from soft/hard copy sources
  • Data entry involving tax forms, receipts, bills, and contact information
  • Data copying and pasting


We’re specialised in converting your audio and video inputs into accurate transcribed accounts.
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  • Corporate audio files, such as interviews, meetings, and presentations
  • Medical notes, including patient files, case studies, commentary, and dictation
  • Academic voice capturing for lectures and seminars, teaching material, speeches, and research
  • Media files involving post production, radio shows, podcasts, music
  • Legal recordings for statements, journals, video evidence, etc…


We produce custom bespoke spreadsheets specific to your requirements.
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  • Model financial and statistical data relevant to organisation
  • Create employee files and checklists for internal processes
  • Build in house calculators to summate various functions
  • Manipulate and investigate current data occupied by an organisation
  • Graphically visualise certain aspects of business to understand specific scenarios
  • Information tools which management can utilise to enforce decisions


At dataQuirk we believe in prompt turnaround times. This is not only evident in our work, but in our entire service delivery cycle.

From start to finish, we aim to provide you with a smart and simple service. We follow these basic guidelines during the course of the delivery cycle to ensure you’re provided with a smoothly run and efficient service.


The Enquiry

Fill out our enquiry form, sending us any example documents you wish to include, to allow us to gain as much detail as possible about your project.

The Quote

With the use of our in-house pricing calculator and your enquiry form, we’ll ascertain an approximate quote for you.

The Negotiation

We’ll then contact you to negotiate our terms, project timelines and pricing structure.

The Agreement

After all aspects of the project are agreed upon – work can begin.

The Fee

Once the project is complete we shall send you a detailed invoice outlaying all project costs. Project completion status shall be obtained once payment is accepted.

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Why keep the environmentally unfriendly, inefficient eye sores, we call paper – it’s weight and size take up encumbering amounts of space, it’s usefulness is inefficient and outdated, and it’s cost is uneconomical against it’s current requirements in the general office. Follow the global trend and move into the new age of information and data. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


Let your business flourish, knowing your data is in secure hands

Once you comprehend how dataQuirk can advance your business you won’t think twice about hiring us. If there is scope for your business to become more agile, to minimise time spent on elementary tasks, or to enhance your current workspace – we can help.
We are data entry specialists. We can drive your business forward by transforming your stacks of paper files into clear-cut, responsive data. Outsource your data entry project to us today and we can benefit your organisation by cutting costs, reducing unessential work efforts, create more productive time, all for a budget, flexible fee. Our other services include keying for online/offline data entry, transcription services, and our specialty – bespoke spreadsheet designing.

Clutter is costing you workspace – think about the possibilities of freeing this space from outdated work litter. More space means you can acquire additional equipment, increase storage capacity, generate more room for employees, or simply establish a less chaotic business environment.

We can save you time and boost your efficiency, hence facilitating you to solely focus on developing your business. Frankly, leave the mundane, time consuming tasks to us – this is where we thrive and in return your business will prosper. No more will you be required to trawl through mountains of paperwork to locate files from last week, month, or year – we’ll make your business more agile; costly hours spent sifting shall effortlessly be replaced by a few clicks of a button.

Trust your controller. We treat any data as private and confidential – our guards are up 24/7 and our infrastructure is potent enough to handle the vast majority of threats in the environment. We also have in place fingerprint lock encryption, firewalls and antivirus, so please know that your data will be handled with professionalism and stringent security. We begin all our services with a signed NDA on our behalf to ensure your organisations information is secure, and to give you better piece of mind. Find our Personal Information Promise on the ICO website.



Onshore service at offshore prices

All of our services are provided to you from within the UK. This enables you to endure a practical and pain free service with the added bonus of assurance that your data is in safe hands.

Furthermore, we’re rather unique, as we don’t escalate our pricing for providing onshore services – we essentially charge you offshore rates. This ensures that you will be receiving the best price on the market for your project. Don’t give way for business growth incompetence in your organisation; utilise our services at highly economic rates, which will induce significant cost savings and considerably improve productivity.    

No job is too big, or too small for us. No matter how complex or ample your project requirements are, we are comfortable adapting our services to fulfill your demands. Unlike other companies, we don’t have ceiling and floor parameters, hence we’re permitted to undergo your project, whatever it’s size.

We constantly strive to present a smart, simple service. One of our smart and simple solutions is the utilisation of our uncomplicated in-house pricing calculator which generates all of our quotes. This is a prime example of our commitment to innovation within our organisation. We are dedicated to constantly improve our in-house processes and practises to ensure that we are, at the very least, on par with our market competitors.

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