“Founded by professionals with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for data entry and typing
– we are, unequivocally, the future headliner of this industry.”


We once were mathematicians, IT consultants, data analysts, and so much more – now our sole goal is to propound true customer satisfaction via our data entry service, dataQuirk.

We aim to deliver a prestigious, comprehensive service, all at a cost effective price. As you will gather, our principles revolve around you, the customer, being more than satisfied with our service. Our versatility in this field puts us shoulders above the rest of the competition, allowing us to cater for your needs right from the outset (the enquiry stage), all the way through to project completion. Develop your business by making smart choices, choose dataQuirk as your data entry provider.

Our general rule of thumb for safeguarding consumer contentment is:

  • Our timing is impeccable.
    If we’re late delivering your product – you pay less.
  • Our accuracy is almost faultless.
    If we make lots of mistakes – you pay less.
  • Our speed is rapid.
    If our fingers type too slow – you pay less.



This is most evident in how our services facilitate you – we don’t overcomplicate our actions, we simply deliver what you ask for, when you want it by, and more often than not, how much you want it for.

Unlike most other data entry companies – no job is too small for us. Whether you think your requirements are not worth paying for, think again. We thrive off small projects – this enables us to build up a relationship with our customers, no matter the size of the project. It also enables us to gain your trust as your data entry provider, and in turn resonates positive impacts on your business.

We’re happy to provide whichever service you need, however don’t be surprised if we throw in some free counsel to help boost your business. This is what we’re all about! We strive to accommodate you to the utmost, whilst continuously aiming to go that extra mile to ensure your business yields progressively.

We see each of our customers as a positive and affluent relationship, rather than a cheque. So please trust us to help you, and your business shall certainly reap the rewards. Click the links below for more information about the services we offer.



Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) make up the vast majority of the UK economy. Without them fundamental feats in business would not be able to thrive. Innovation trends are usually trialed and identified within small businesses, dynamic business models and cycles are tried and tested in these environments before becoming renowned, acceptable techniques in the larger corporate world, employment generated is particularly beneficial to the economy, and the capability to adapt during various economic situations, ensures the economy has the tools to continue growing, even in times of despair.

We understand and respect the role of SMEs in our economy. Being a small business ourselves, we understand all the risks, hardship, and sacrifice gone into setting up a venture and aiming to excel at being a significant part of the economy. This is why we target our services to other small businesses.

We understand that you may not have the financial power or software capabilities to make the transformation into the information age. This is why we want to help you. We want to support you and your business by assisting you with this transition, whilst understanding how important cost effective pricing is when delving into something new.

We guarantee that our services are affordable, whatever the size of your business, and we understand the need for your business to keep up with the digital transformations engulfing the world today.


We want to build long term relationships with all our clients – that is our number one aim. We understand that in order for this to happen, we have to deliver on our promise of providing:

  • a premium service
  • quick turnaround times
  • highly accurate conversions
    economical pricing

These features showcase our commitment to the work we deliver, however in terms of the rest of the interaction with our customers, and our general mindset, we’re obliged to work inline with our core values:

  • Integrity

We are true to our word.
We will never give you reason to distrust us, or behave in any manner which may make you disgruntled.
We don’t have any hidden fees or tricky clauses to try and catch you out – what you see is what you get.

  • Efficiency

Low cost, high productivity on all of our service deliveries.
We aim to be available for support and assistance around the clock.
We understand each client is different, and their goals are unique to their own business, so we will try to deliver our services, tailored specifically to your requirements.

  • Innovation

We utilise the use of in-house programmes to strive to work the way that best suits us, and delivers most proficiently to our customers.
We’re always reading and learning new ways to enhance our service delivery and input certain technologies in place to keep up with the pace of the digital era.
Our services are streamlined to our customers requirements, however we will openly advice you on certain methods or ideas to enhance your information and data procedures, in hope that we may induce some innovation into your business.

  • Connections

We strive to build bridges with our customers – we want to be your ‘go to guys’ for data entry related services; if you need any help, we want to be able to assist at a moments notice.
We believe we are all in the same SME boat together – hence we feel forging long lasting partnerships will enable each party to thrive and achieve goals more successfully.
Promoting the information age as we do, we know how useful connections are to successful business management and continual business growth.