“The job of entering text or other data into a computer”

Should you wish to translate practically anything onto paperless format (to enable the step up into the digital era) – you’ve come to the right place. We regard each project unique, and spearhead the task full of experience and zeal.

Data entry can reduce errors, and improve internal information and response handling – all of which can in turn reduce customer distress, and promote a healthier company image.

  • Say you have a small office, but half of it is filled with old paper files, whether it be client or employee details, historical data, or important documents. Wouldn’t it be nice to utilise that space for more useful purposes? Did you know that you’re business could thrive off the efficiency generated from having all past and present information stored in one single place; accessible merely by the click of a few buttons.
  • What if you had regular information being sent to you on paper format? Information which would be beneficial if analysed and tabulated, rather than just scanned or stored. Did you know that regularly updating this information in a cost-effective and secure manner, will reduce errors and misjudgements for your company.

Enter dataQuirk. We’ll simply translate these files into useful, user-friendly data allowing your business processes to become more effective, well-organised, and create a more resourceful working environment for your business to prosper.

Below is a sample list of some of the data input methods we process:

  • Forms, reports, questionnaires, surveys, catalogues
  • Images
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, articles, websites
  • Invoices, claim forms, documents, contact information


Did you know…that implementing a data entry transformation assignment for your organisation, with dataQuirk, could potentially lead to the following attributes for your business:

  • Reduce internal and external errors
  • Reduce customer apprehension and complaints
  • Improve internal information structure
  • Increase business agility
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Increase response rates and response handling
  • Ease administration burden
  • Recuperate work floor space
  • Progress organisation innovation
  • Develop company brand image

Even if you believe one of these factors is applicable to your company, then contact us today, and begin your data entry transformation.